The Italy's TuTourItaly programme

TuTourItaly – A collection of innovative thematic discovery tourism itineraries for Tsunami Club members

TuTourItay is one of the most prominent current initiatives of Tsunami Club. It is in the tourism field. This is a format to promote virtually tutored “theme” discovery tourism itineraries for our Members, characterised by their international level, their web connectivity and the high degree of territorial interaction. The format is being considered also for other Countries (i.e. TuTourNigeria, TuTourGhana, TuTourMassachussets, etc.). The “value added” is not only in their enclosed refined and passionate virtual tutoring but also in their possibility to obtain upon demand some specific experiences (stages) – see interest i.e. for schools, clubs, groups, or just the more curious tourists – from our “host” members, in various fields: gastronomy and cuisine, nature’s and heritage exploration, handcraft / industrial labs, cross-cutting logistical services (shuttle transportation, additional virtual tutoring, etc.).

The basic association yearly association fee (15€) entitles to access one chosen itinerary, but for 50€ a member can have a one year access to all of them. Members wanting to host offers on itineraries pay separate ad hoc association fees, Around 20 itineraries have been accepted in the initiative so far, in the various italian Regions (Regioni). But only 5 of them are at an advanced stage: Four in the Lazio Region and one in the Campania Region. See the demo chart if you are interested to contribute your ideas, they are still open ! Once finalised, in fact itineraries will be only available to Members; this is due starting from march 2022.